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denitia and sene-trip fall 12x12

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  1. Matt Dustin

    David, it was over 18 years ago — the night of February 15, 1996 — that I last saw and heard you spin. that was also the last night I spent in S,F, and without a doubt one of the most sgnifiant nights of my life. lke every other tme I heard you play, your set was flawless and it seemed like church only funkier. Towards the end of the night,, that always- present self- described shaman Dee (remember Dee?!) told me he always loved me, brushed me with his robes for protection,and told me that I was gong to show the white children how to dance. I knew he was speaking truthfully. though I had no idea that the white children he spoke of were living in Utah, my home state to which I shortly thereafter returned,
    I survived a three year period of virtually houseless music before I met Jesse \walker, a fine lad from Idaho who shares my birthday and a love for great dance music and the change it can bring, He has risen to become my second most favorite D.J. and has provided music that I use to bring about health, happiness, and freedom from material want, You remain number one and I remain eternally gratefull.
    Now it is 2014, and I don’t believe I’ve shown a single white child how to dance, but that doesn’t keep me from having a blast and receiving a big hug from my boyfriend of 28 years/ husband of three months every single time we go out. Each time I think about you and your gift to me — delivered with a smile and a hello nod about fifyty times almost two decades ago.
    God IS a D,J, and life iIS a dance floor,

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